Flowers are such a beautiful and fun thing to have for any occasion, but when hiring a floral designer there is so much more than just flowers! Take a scroll down to see some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive here at Soulful Stems!


Q: Can we keep our centerpieces (arrangements)?

A: Yes & No! Yes, you may keep any and all of the flowers themselves, however, all of the mechanics and vases belong to Soulful Stems as we are an eco-friendly company. This allows us to keep your pricing dedicated to flowers and only charging you a rental for the hard good item. More money dedicated to what is really important, the FLOWERS!


Q: Do you make special floral projects such as flower crowns, funeral arrangements, etc.?

A: Yes! We absolutely design for special events to include specialty floral items!


Q: Do you have a directory or look book to choose flowers from?

A: No, we do not have this as Pinterest and Google have this covered already. However, we do ask you during our consultations what your favorites and which you do not like at all. This way we can ensure we choose flowers accordingly. 

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